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imnotabum asked: I recently was able to almost astral project, but the only thing that kept me from going further was, I'm not sure if it'd be safe to. Any tips about being worried to fully project and how to fully project?


- Regarding tips on controlling Fear.

- My step by step guide on how to fully project.

Hope those can help you out. I’m not so good about when it comes to the fears of projection due to the fact, I don’t and haven’t experienced it myself.

~ Happy Travels

cinnamoonstone asked: I see my question was a bit out of focus. (sory about that) So, let me ask it in a different way: How do you get from your lucid dream to astral realm and the other way round (I have undertood that they are somehow different from other so this question is based on that) I would also like to ask what are the differences between those two. I read your explanation but that dream-scape remined a bit unclear for me. Okay thats all for now. But dont worry, ill be back with a load of new questions! :)


When you’re in a lucid dream, you’re in the astral realm. There are no difference between the two.The astral realm is base to all there is, all there was and all there can be.

It’s only a matter of where you are in the Astral Realm; as the Astral Realm is home to infinite possibilities. The experiences and time/location you are witnessing during a lucid dream or projection are solely based on the current third you are inhabiting.

This goes into more detail about the subject matter I am speaking of

~ Happy Travels